When stocking tools in a cleanroom or critical environments such as factory settings, medial settings, or any area that must remain free from germs and bacteria, it is imperative that the right types of storage are utilized. From trolleys to toolboxes, how you store your stainless steel tools makes a difference in your ability to access them and perform duties in an efficient and effective way. 



Trolleys can come in three to six drawer configurations and are designed specifically for sterile applications in cleanroom environments. Made of stainless steel, trolleys have either regular drawers or with perforated bottoms for tool fixations directly to its surface.  Trolleys are appropriate for tools that are to remain in the cleanroom setting without being removed, or for larger tool storage needs. With wheels affixed at the bases, these trolleys are easily movable around the room and can transport large amounts of tools with little effort. 



Made of stainless steel, easily transportable, and multifunctional, toolboxes are perfect for transporting tools throughout a cleanroom or critical environment. Capable of being autoclaved for thousands of cycles, these sterile tool boxes meet the requirements of health and safety standards while making work more efficiently managed. Designed with rugged durability in mind, these toolboxes are configured with a wide range of sizes that make tool storage and usage easy.


Toolbox Modules

Toolbox modules are designed to fit securely inside toolboxes, holding tools safely in their places. Made of perforated stainless steel and capable of being autoclaved thousands of cycles, these modules are removable and portable, enclosed with a lid, and boasting retractable handles for easy transport of tools. Fits carrying frames as indicated in size to ensure proper fit. These toolbox modules make for easy tool clean up, removal, and transportation. 


Quality Equipment

The quality of stainless trolleys, toolboxes, and modules makes a direct difference on how they perform within the cleanroom and critical environment applications, and how efficient and effective the user is at performing their required duties. Steri-Apps is a direct sales company specializing in the supply of high-quality stainless steel tools, trolleys, toolboxes, modules, and more, all built to perform under the toughest conditions. Steri-Apps understands the unique needs of cleanroom and critical environment applications and strives to provide customers with outstanding products and guaranteed customer satisfaction. It is time to upgrade your stainless equipment, let Steri-Apps be your one-stop-shop.

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